Nome stile: Supporto per computer portatile

Il supporto per laptop RockJAM è progettato per soddisfare le esigenze di tutti, dal DJ digitale al professionista lavorativo. Realizzato con componenti di alta qualità, questo supporto è resistente e altamente accessibile, quindi non dovrai preoccuparti di cadere componenti quando scrivi e-mail o fai cadere i battiti. Tenuta fino a 3. 6 kg e con numerose impostazioni di altezza, questo supporto è in grado di soddisfare ogni esigenza di riser.

Supporto per computer portatile con struttura di alta qualità
Supporto per laptop che può contenere fino a 3. 6 kg
Il computer sta per laptop con configurazione rapida e semplice
Riposo portatile con 16 impostazioni personalizzate
Rialzo per laptop regolabile per adattarsi a computer portatili e controller DJ

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88 reviews for Rockjam Regolabile Montato Basamento Computer Portatile DJ

  1. aggy3000

    Does the job

    Items were missing in the box but Amazon Customers Services were marvelous and very helpful

  2. Sam D

    All good. Can clamp the other way around too.

    I was a bit nervous ordering this stand as a few people had issues with scratches and assembly. On both fronts my experience was fine. The stand came disassembled in a foam casing and it wasn’t damaged in any way. It did take a little time to assemble, in total I think for me it was about 30 mins as I wanted to get it just right. But once assembled it’s sturdy and looks good. One thing I took a gamble on was whether you could clamp it on to a surface the other way around, so rather than on the lip of a desk facing out over the floor, on the lip of a desk but facing over the desk. This is very easy to do (although isn’t shown in the pictures) you just turn around the attachments so they’re facing the other way and then screw them on like normal. This saves space if you don’t want to use the ‘feet’.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  3. Kenneth Murphy

    Buy it, it’s worth it.

    Honestly, this has made working from home so much easier. My posture has improved, my camera is at the right level, the microphone is closer to me. Could not be happier with this product. It’s very sturdy, great quality. Definitely a good buy.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  4. CustomerSince1999

    Robust stand which does the job

    I use this stand on its lowest setting to have a computer keyboard or laptop over my music keyboard. It’s a robust design but still fits under my music keyboard. The minimum gap at the opening is 168mm on my set up. Make sure whatever you slide this stand under has enough clearance.

  5. infi

    No gud

    Not gud at all no proper hight and for retuning it back is very bad as u have to wait for some 1 to come pick it up and then no 1 comes

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  6. Chris W

    Good value, but care needed to assemble.

    Unboxing revealed a well engineered product, straightforward, albeit slightly fiddly to assemble.Although overall I’m pleased with the product; it has enough height adjustment to make it suited to a variety of uses / situations. However, due to the nature of the design, it is almost impossible to get it perfectly square. This makes playing a small keyboard rather irritatingly wobbly.Easily solved by a £1.20 pack of anti-skid pads from the local DIY shop – putting one on one side and two on the other. Although not a dealbreaker, it’s a little frustrating not to work perfectly straight out of the box.Having said that, the stand represents good value for money, and I’d happily buy again.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  7. Chris Curtis

    Good quality, easy to assemble.

    Arrived very well packaged and took 5 minutes to put together. All threads in the metal were perfect and the product feels sturdy when assembled. I’m sometimes djing in bars where i’m quite out in the open, always worried that someone might brush past and knock my laptop off the stand. The stand comes with 2 clamps, these are actually to secure the stand itself to a table, however I use one to secure the laptop to the stand itself! This isn’t what it’s intended for but it works really well. If you need a new stand for a laptop I woudl highly recommend this one, much better than some more expensive ones i’ve seen.

    5 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  8. Chappo

    Solid, adjustable and good quality stand.

    Having trawled through a variety of different stands varying in price and apparent quality I opted for this less expensive one which it turns out was exactly what I needed. A good solid stand, it’s adjustable in both height and width. You can either use it “stand-alone” or brackets are provided to fasten it to a desk. A nice piece of kit. I’ll be buying another.

    5 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  9. JD

    For upcycling

    Everything came in order. However the quality of the product is low – not sturdy and some parts don’t fit together, one of my clamps don’t fit because there is no threading for the screw to fit into. Unless you like to upcycle – I’d pay the extra for another product.

  10. Renato Kapec



  11. Amazon Customer


    Great design, easy to build, adjustable, great value, I like them. Well done

  12. Chip

    as described

    average build bigger than expected, but very adabtable to size and positioning.. feels strong enough to do its job. portable.

  13. Graham Rimmer

    Screws are incorrect size

    The screws that are supplied simply don’t fit. At all. Nowhere near. I’ve asked for replacement so will see what happens. Disappointed.

  14. Colin Howitt

    Super versatile

    Really versatile stand , easy to assemble, adjustable hight and width, can be used to hold many different things, I have a Yamaha mixer on one stand and I bought another two sets and put them side by side to hold a small synthesiser , brilliant design, can also clamp them to the edge of the table/desk to hold them secure, and very reasonable price too , 10/10 all round

  15. Mr Barrie Watkins

    Laptop and DJ controller fit great.

    My laptop fits great and my DJ controller just slides straight underneath for a great set up,nice and sturdy too.

  16. Martin.


    Good product,sturdy,but is not solid.Slight movement when using but I’m just not picking,no complaints lol

  17. SB

    Great item!

    This is extreamly good value for the money, it does the job perfectly. I did use the foam feet on top to stop the laptop sliding off as I am not worried about it damaging the table. It come with adaptors so you can make it the correct width for your laptop.

  18. allan fazey

    Good quality

    Great product

  19. J. Watters

    Sturdy stand for laptop or small synths.

    Great product – I can fit both an OP1 and a MicroFreak on it at the same time. Very sturdy.

  20. Mark B

    Well made and good value but limited adjustment

    Well made and good value but limited adjustment. Has some height settings but the angle can’t be changed.

  21. diego

    Supporto per dj

    Tutto secondo aspettative.

  22. Alessandro Amadu

    Easy to mount and use

    The stand I was looking for, very good material

  23. Carlo Perulli

    Ben fatta

    Rapporto qualità prezzo , ottima

  24. Cliente Amazon


    Supporto di ottima qualità, robusto e stabile. Consigliato

  25. Cliente Amazon

    Ottimo per dj

    Ottimo per sostenere il notebook. I piedi sono sufficienti per la stabilita’

  26. Daniel

    No Screws Included

    Really well built and does the job with the table mounts! But very disappointed there was miss 4 screws missing that are essential to using the stand without the table mount.I was planning on placing this under my midi keyboard in my home studio but have had to resort to using it elsewhere with the mounts.It is a good quality sturdy product but like other reviews I’ve read it’s a lucky dip in wether you get all the parts or not, and there’s no way to contact the seller. I’ve you’re looking to purchase this item just consider the fact that you might not get all the parts as clearly the packaging control is quite poor

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  27. John Pullin

    Good stable laptop stand. Good value.

    Not the easiest thing in the world to assemble, but then again it’s an entertaining 3d puzzle ! :o) One assembled though it is sturdy and height ajustable. I use the upper level for the old laptop I run my music synthesizer emulator programmes from connected down to a MIDI controller keyboard on the lower level. But it is flexible for many other purposes, such as puting a printer below a laptop, or many other configurations for office or musical uses.

  28. Gianluca D

    ottimo supporto tavolo

    lo uso per una seconda tastiera midi, molto stabile, ben rifinito, con possibilità di regolazione, in metallo, ad un prezzo ottimo, con gommini per non graffiare il tavolo, davvero un acquisto che rifarei!!

  29. Amazon Customer

    Great product but inspect parts before you assembled

    Product delivered a day sooner than expected which was great but the item has marks of wear which would indicate its used or a previous return item. I have benefit or doubt with the tap around the outside of the box but some of the parts show wear.

    2 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  30. Amazon Customer

    Poor design – you get what you pay for!

    VERY poorly designed. The principle is sound enough but it’s a faff to put together and you CERTAINLY won’t want to be taking it apart and re-assembling this between gigs. A pity really because with a couple of small tweaks it could be so much better. Unless you clamp it down it wobbles from side to side – not enough to eject your laptop but still not great either. You are given 4 small screws to attach the feet extensions to the legs (assuming you’re not clamping it using those points). The Feet extensions have a further 2 holes which will allow you to use the clamps on the end of them but there are NO SCREWS included to do this. I originally thought about buying a Z shaped adjustable stand but thought this would be more business like but to be frank I wish I’d gone with my instinct – this doesn’t fold and carting it around is going to be a PITA! However being a fairly practical kind of chap I intend to modify mine to make it foldable – I can’t be bothered to return it and I think once I’ve done the mods it will be a lot better. You get what you pay for!

  31. Richie clougher

    Usefull stand

    Not used it yet but up to yet it’s tool to use

  32. Dave

    Great laptop stand

    Perfect for creating space and elevating your laptop over your other studio gear.

  33. Ben

    Easy assembly

    To the reviewer who went off on one about the difficulty assembly they experienced. A quick glance at the completed stand was enough to assemble this in a few minutes.

  34. cornelius Murphy

    Easy to install

    Easy to put together and dose the job no issues.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  35. mcgyver86

    good one

    happy with the item, handy to elevate my laptop above my midi controller or dj controller

  36. Jules deakin

    Lappy Lappy let’s get standee

    Easy peezy lemon skweezy, solid as a rock, heavy which is good as its holding an expensive laptop, and it’s a cheap as a sket in brum.

  37. jamie hunt

    Perfect for my laptop

    I dont know about other reviews but the product i received does have the lip on it to secure laptop and works perfectly please see photos.A great value laptop stand and just what i was looking for very sturdy took me less than 5 mins to build it just 4 screws to attach the leg stands and arms to the base plates 4 screw holders in the middle and thats it its built! You can adjust to the height you want the attached photo is set to the minimum height which is perfect for me just sits nicely above my DJ Controller. Also comes with 4 foam pads for the base plate so the metal doesnt mark the surface.5 Star Product thankyou!

    3 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  38. Simon De souza

    As described

    Good built

  39. chasman1

    Excellent in every respect

    Fit for purpose – I bought two, to stand side-by-side and support a 61key lightweight (7.0Kg) music keyboard. Before use, I chose cut-to-size strips of Duck Shelf liner and used Pritt to stick them to each of the Holding Arms, to minimise potential movement of my keyboard. This – coupled with the gentle downward angle of the Holding Arms (about 17°) – results in my keyboard sitting on the arms in my chosen position, some 2-3 cm from their (upturned) ends: it does not slide or move, even when played hard. The RockJam stands provide good stability to the keyboard when it is played. The leg base plates, with supplied stick-on surface protectors, stand about 5mm proud of the table top – comfortably low enough to stand my second music keyboard on top without having to rest on the legs. Finally, the angle of tilt at which the Holding Arms present the keyboard/device seems to offer a good compromise between better visibility and accessibility of a flat work surface, against ergonomics (i.e. wrist angle!)Manufacture – well engineered and finished components (and powder coated)Attention to detail – Surface protectors included; components come packaged very efficientlyVersatile – height and width choices; free standing vs mounted via (included) table-top clampsAssembly – straightforwardOverall tremendous value

    3 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  40. DYLAN W

    Built well

    Very sturdy once its all together

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  41. Rich Hewes

    Decent product

    Good desk rack for what I needed.

  42. alex

    Good stuff 👍

    Brilliant product! Will cater pretty much any size of laptop

  43. Anatomy

    Fantastic product and packaged exceptionally.

    Durable, quality, solid product. Took me a few minutes to assemble. I thought the packaging was exceptional and took the product to another level when I received it. Well recommended.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile




  45. Hutch


    Works a treat and is considerably cheaper than some big brand items. Does it’s job well

  46. Jason O.

    Screws missing and no way to contact seller

    The stand is really nice and I bought it on Prime to use NYE BUT its missing the small screws to bolt the bottom legs on, it also has no instructions not even a picture of how it is to go together. I can work it out but instructions would be helpful. PLEASE send me the missing screws (Shown in picture) so i can use this next week and I can write a better review, thanks

    2 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  47. C. Howarth

    Badly designed

    Luckily for me they can be clamped to a bench, otherwise I’d have returned them. The feet DO NOT screw into the base of the frame, so it cannot be used free-standing. If you need a stand that cannot be clamped to a bench then avoid this, it’s design is fundamentally flawed.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Is ok

    Despite some reviews it is very easy to assemble. Holds my 17inch 3XS laptop (which is good ‘cos it is worth much more than than my keyboard).Box it came in is sectioned off with foam to store the parts if you are transporting it regularly.Unfortunately for me the Amazon delivery guy said he had handed it to the resident where he actually left it on the pavement outside my house. Good news is nobody stole it. Bad news is cardboard gone soft.

  49. danv

    Sturdy but threads for feet bolts are a pain in the backside to assemble.

    Fine but just be prepared for the 5 mins of cursing trying to screw in the bolts to the pre drilled holes… make sure you get the threaded ones not the blanks also.

  50. Benedetto


    Come in foto abbastanza resistente ovviamente serve giusto come un rialzo per PC e appoggio per un mini mixer sotto

  51. Amazon Customer

    Good buy

    I brought this for my laptop and so far after a quick build it was a good strong stand which can be set at the correct height for yourself

  52. AS

    Impossible to assemble so useless.

    Doesn’t work. Avoid. Trying to assemble this was impossible as the screws were too big for the holes and the holes between parts weren’t properly aligned. The packet had obviously been opened before so it was likely a return for the same reason.

  53. bobbie

    Works for me but…

    The stand is easy to assemble and fits nicely over the mixer but the arms for the laptop could do with the lips a little longer. Sometimes the unit sways a little when operating the laptop making it a bit awkward too.

  54. Teresa

    Lap top stand for key board.

    Never seen this before. Great idea for using your lap top while learning the keys at the same time. It truly keeps your lap top secure in place while playing the keys on your keyboard. 😊👍👍

  55. Captain M.

    Parts missing

    Screws missing, had to source my own.

  56. James McAllister

    Great stand

    It holds my laptop in place and seems sturdy enough for me to trust it holding my laptop above my dj gear. All parts were in the box and it took a few minutes to assemble and was very simple.

  57. V

    Couldn’t even set up

    Couldn’t even get this set up because the holes in the flat base legs don’t have threads and the screws don’t fit! Unless you are using the table clamps I can’t see how this will work. I don’t know if it’s mine that was faulty or if it’s the design but I will be requesting a refund.

  58. Dizzykite

    Poor quality control

    I used this to split my synthesizers on two levels.Unfortunately one of the threaded parts wasn’t finished off properly which made it impossible to assemble. Luckily I am a Engineer and I had the tools to re-tap the threads. This is something that was altogether unexpected for a product like this as this was my 6th one I have bought, but they were not all from this manufacturer two others were and I assembled them with no issues.

  59. Neil K.

    Excellent laptop stand, great quality, great service.

    I bought this off Amazon earlier this week and it was delivered within 2 days. It was easy to assemble and perfect for my needs. Great quality construction too.

  60. Paul Rodgers

    Missing part/leg!!

    Well made good quality versittile stand…however one of the base plates/legs were missing!! 😡…so had to make do with the clamp that comes with it!

    3 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  61. Amazon Customer



  62. antonino conigliaro

    ottimo prodotto d’ alta qualità

    ottimo prodotto d’ alta qualità amazon super veloce nella spedizione e puntuale

  63. Federico

    quello che cercavo

    preso con la necessita di rialzare laptop e nel frattempo recuperare lo spazio sottostante… materiale buono e facile da montare… contiene anche 4 piccole estensioni filettate nel caso abbiate bisogno di uno stand più largo (con MacBook Pro 13″ non ce n’è bisogno) ma possono comunque tornare utili… ha varie altezze di montaggio a seconda dell’esigenza… stabilità ok e regge bene… in dotazione ci sono anche un paio di rettangolini antiscivolo di applicargli sopra.. prodotto arrivato in tempi previsti..

  64. Oliver

    Strong and stable.

    Very strong and solid, no problems with structural integrity. The whole thing is fairly heavy for its size but it’s weight is by no means an issue for transport.Had a fair amount of trouble with assembly. Although it appears there are 4 holes per limb for the screws, it turned out only 2 were the correct size, despite looking identical. Once this was figured out (after longer than I’d like to admit) it went together as expected, quickly with no problems.I would have liked the option to have it one notch lower down than it can currently go, but I knew that would be the case before I bought it.

  65. Karl

    As good as it says

    My only gripe about this unit is that the support bars in the middle were not long enough for what I was looking for but that was overcome in another waythe frame itself is strong and the clamps work well too

  66. Jaygasc

    Very happy!

    Just received this and already can see that for half the cost of my last unit, this one seems so much more stronger and better made

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  67. Robert McKenna

    Fabulous value!!!

    Amazing stand for the money. Rock solid. With clamps as well.Very happily surprised by the quality of this product.

  68. UK Customer


    I wanted to clear some space on my desk. This item holds the laptop well above the desk, and does exactly what I wanted it to. It would also be suitable for a mini-keyboard or DJ-controller. It has arms to stand on the desk or clamps to clamp to the back of the desktop. I used one of each, and used the spare clamp to secure the arm to the edge of the desk. Four adhesive pads are provided to protect the desk. I stuck these on the top arms to protect the laptop, and used folded up paper to protect the desk. There is adjustment for height and for width, via 4 small extension pieces. They even provided a spare screw in case one got lost. The end result is secure and rigid. Overall, this stand exceeds my expectations.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  69. Jackie


    Worked as expected. Happy with it. Sturdy.

  70. Oscar Fajardo

    Great purchase!

    Easy to assemble, light and the material seems right.This is a great laptop stand when you need extra space, specially now working from home during quarantine.Definitely recommended!!!

  71. MsKaz


    Bought for using with Pioneer XDJ RX2 system. You can adjust the height and it’s solid so all in all, perfect. Easy to build and adjustable length also for larger laptops. I haven’t desk mounted but handy that it comes with the clamps included, should you wish to use them. Would recommend to others.

  72. Alessandro


    Buon prodotto per qualità e prezzoE per il l’uso che deve fare e il topConsigliatissimo

  73. Repair-IT


    Excellent Quality 👌

  74. Ashley Taylor

    Screws missing

    Seems ok, but the main screws to put the thing together have not been included. Will have to wait until they come through the post to actualy make the thing up.

  75. Amazon Customer

    Great stand.

    Great stand, easy to put together and perfectly holds laptop wit plenty space to use decks underneath.

  76. neil

    Easy setup

    Dose the job good quality

  77. Minipres


    Ottimo per sostenere il Macbook pro. I piedi sono molto stabili e resistenti. Per il l’uso che deve fare e il topConsigliatissimo

  78. d shaw



  79. BrianF

    Sturdy laptop holder

    Perfect for my use case which is to raise the laptop off the desk to give more useable space underneath as per the photo. I’d have liked two additional surface protectors in case I want to use the Leg Base Plates in the future instead of the Mounting Clamps, but asides from that it does exactly what I hoped it would. Photo is of the stand configured at minimum height.

  80. Gary Mc

    Strong sturdy and safe

    Great does what it says on the tin laptop feels snug and perfectly Safe Love it

  81. D J HOOK

    great item

    its great used to hurt my all ready bad back when dj d but now able to stand more up right

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  82. Caz

    Convenient little stand!

    Holds the laptop above hubby’s decks. Does the job, sturdy, easy to put together. No complaints

  83. Dr Bob

    Worst Assembly Instructions EVER

    Seems sturdy enough, although some of the assembly methods are somewhat suspect (e.g., Step #1 of the “Assembly Instructions” – see below). It certainly doesn’t “look” at all lightweight, especially being black – which pretty much destroys any visual appeal that it might have had – and makes the structure alarmingly unmissable. That said, it’s very much as expected, I suppose; now that it has been assembled, that is; although there is a “reassembly” waiting in the wings… Just not right now.Clearly, I have no idea who developed the assembly instructions for this product, but I would like to nominate those responsible for the “Worst Assembly Instructions EVER” award. The nominees could win based on: o1/ “Step #1” alone, or the fact that: o2/ The images provided don’t even match the product, or even cos: o3/ Upon encountering the “Final Step” you realise that “Step #1” wasn’t necessary, cos…… Cos, by that point, you’re just glad that it’s “done” (but not quite). Indeed, ever since releasing the product from its outer protective packaging to reveal its box, which… Oops; now having realised that the reason for all of the components being scattered across the floor is cos… Well, there is no box – so,to be honest, since that point, life hasn’t been exactly “peachy”, right?: [Rhetorical] Not really. But now that it’s finally been assembled?: [Ditto] Better, except… Later, later…

    3 persone l’hanno trovato utile

  84. Chris Harris

    Excellent Value for Money

    I purchased this item for placing my launchpad pro on in my studio as I have been looking for a while for a sturdy stand small enough for the launchpad. The item arrived the day after ordering (prime member) and was packed really well for a relatively small item.This stand is solid, more than enough able to withstand the use of a launchpad. The clips securing the stand to my desk makes this so sturdy. I like that you are able to adjust the height of the stand to your specific needs, worked well for me.I would say that it can be a bit tricky for 1 person to put together, but once together is perfect, just the right size and height for me.

    Una persona l’ha trovato utile

  85. mabaws

    Solid heavy duty

    Quality for the price.

  86. Grand Wazoo

    Brilliant value for money

    Bought this as a stand for my Dell XPS 15 laptop. Assembled within minutes of arriving. Finish on one of the lips on support arm not smoothed off properly but nothing that a piece of sticky backed foam sheet from Hobbycraft (50p) cannot fix; at this price cannot grumble.

  87. Santino Game

    Great Product

    Absolutely perfect for both my DJ decks and Laptop to sit on. Works very well, easy to build and is very sturdy

  88. John

    Wrong screws

    Good product when built, but the screws supplied to fix the base parts on were too large to fit into the holes. I had to drill into the holes to make them larger.

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